Where's My Ice?


Like the addition to garbage in the oceans, climate change is another example of a way in which humans are creating immense pressures on the ocean and other environments. Climate change is caused by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. Carbon is one of the main sources of these greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are in part responsible for heating the Earth and the oceans by trapping in the suns rays and not letting them get reflected back into space. The video below explains this and the many ways it can effect the arctic environment.

Climate change is predicted to have many negative impacts on the environment, some of which are unknown. One consequence of climate change is the rapid melting of sea ice in the arctic. In turn, this affects the life of many animals that live in the Arctic but can also affect humans all over the world in a variety of ways! Watch the video below to find out more.

The ocean and the poles are not the only places where melting ice is becoming a problem. Many of the glaciers on Earth have also been shrinking over the past few decades. Here is an example of the shrinking that a glacier in Norway has gone through in only 5 years.


Answer the following:

What are some of the animals that are affected by melting sea ice? How are they affected?

What are some of the other impacts of melting polar sea ice?

What are some things that we can do as a community to help prevent further melting of the polar sea ice?

What are some things that you can do personally to help prevent further melting of the polar sea ice?

How do you think melting glaciers will affect the environment? Will they affect ocean environments? If so, how?

These questions along with any other thoughts on melting sea ice and the affects of climate changes can be written about in a discussion thread.

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Learning Objectives

Learn about some of the consequences of the melting of the polar sea ice

Learn how we can help prevent further melting of the polar sea ice

Learn about the shrinking of some glaciers

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