Create a Creature


The ocean is home to some of the most unique and interesting animals in the world. Some of these animals have not even been discovered! Now is your chance to create your very own creature that could one day be discovered by science!


Get a piece of paper and some pencils/coloured markers. Before starting your drawing, answer the following questions.

1. Is your creature a plant or an animal?

2. Where does your creature live in the ocean? Does it like warm water or cold water? Does it like a lot of light or does it live in the deep, dark ocean? Does it live underneath the ocean floor, on the ocean floor, in the open ocean, or on the beach?

3. What does your creature eat? How does it find or catch it's food?

4. What is your creature afraid of? Does it have any predators that could eat it? How does your creature protect itself?

5. Does your creature lay eggs or have live babies? What does your creature look like when it is a baby?

Using your answers to these questions, create your own never-before-seen creature. Be creative, your creature can be anything! Upload an Image of your drawing to the Video Gallery

Once you have made a submission for the assignment, your badge will appear the next time you log-in!  

Learning Objectives

To understand how animals have adaptions to survive in their given environment

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