How Well Do You Know the Ocean?

Dear Students,

Welcome to the Ocean Literacy course! This course will help you understand how you are connected to the ocean and how the ocean helps you. There are 7 principles in total. Your teacher will help guide you through each of the sections. You can earn Badges by completing each one of these topics. You can also earn badges by completing the assignments in each section.

After you have earned all 7 badges you can take the Final Quiz to earn your Ocean Champion Badge!

Dear Teachers,

Welcome to the Elementary Level Ocean Literacy Course on the Ocean Wise Online Learning Environment. On this platform, we have created an international course based on the seven Ocean Literacy Principles designed to help develop an understanding of how humans impact the ocean and how the ocean influences us. This course is geared towards grades 3 to 6, or ages 7 to 11. You may use these resources as you wish, choose to do the full course or just a few of the sections. There is a How-to Manual for navigating this site, as well as an introductory video.

Under the heading Classroom Tools, you will find additional support resources at your disposal, such as lesson plans, activities, and worksheet under Teacher Resources.

Any questions? Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page


As a teacher, community leader, or home educator, you may join the platform first. This will allow you to view your students’ work and create accounts for the elementary level students. Visit this link, and register using the code Teacher.


Once you have registered, visit the Participants section and click the “Add Students” button. Here you can create as many accounts as you like for your students. We suggest not using their last names to protect their privacy. You may wish to include your school initials as part of their usernames, as many common names may already be taken.

If you click the Register button in the top right-hand corner of the screen and create an account, this will automatically register you at the student level. If you are a teacher or educator and need to be promoted to the proper access level, please contact us with your username.

There is also a tutorial video on How To Register, to guide you through the process

If you have any questions or feedback for the Ocean Literacy Course, please contact [email protected]

For the Secondary School Level (Grade 10-12, age 15-18):

For the Middle School Level (Grade 7-9, age 12-14):

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