Samantha Dimitraki

Canada Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, Quebec, Canada
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About Me

I am finishing up my Master's in Integrated Water Resource Management in the Bioresource Engineering Department at McGill, and am a graduate in Environmental Biology, specialized in Wildlife Biology. I have a strong background and interest in environmental education, especially conservation, climate change action and sustainable development.
During my undergraduate degree, I was fortunate to gain valuable field work outside of the country and outside of my comfort zone. Whether it was working in the South African bush relocating a giraffe, or traveling to Costa Rica to discuss environmental policies, my passion for this field of study grew; I found that I will do whatever it takes to set a good example for future generations when it comes to the environment. I also learned to bridge different cultures through common ground, resulting in rewarding relationships and lasting connections.

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    Climate Change, Environment

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