The silver dome is Science World here in Vancouver, a huge tourist attraction. It's stunning with False Creek out front, which jots into the middle of the city from the Burrad Inlet, then English Bay, another huge tourist attraction as well as a rest spot for tankers and industrial boats. Occasionally a pod of orcas will wander into False Creek and even as far down as Science world (check out the birds eye view on google maps to understand why this seems so crazy). I'm always left a little saddened because of the state of the waters. It's hard to keep them clean because garbage and oil is continually getting washed up the creek from the open waters, not to mention it is literally in the middle of Vancouver and vulnerable to pollution from transportation and high crowds from tourists. I try to do a small part each time I go, whether it be fishing plastic out of the water, or grabbing trash off the iconic sea wall so it doesn't blow into the water with a gust of wind. Every little bit counts if we want to see the wild life continue living and visiting here.

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Stephen Foucault
May 14, 2020

Love this view! Biking the seaside at False Creek has definitely turned into my favourite biking spot in town.