I've jumped on the bandwagon and have started to try to grow veggies from scraps that I would normally just throw out! It's definitely been exciting to see the celery grow, so I've started a few more veggies. Hoping to have a little garden by the time summer hits the Yukon! This kind of goes hand in hand with our discussion topic of at home sustainability/conservation! I'm learning how to grow my own food so that eventually I can reduce the amount of food I buy from the store that is shipped her with a huge carbon footprint! Has anyone else been experimenting with this? Any tips for me?

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Emily Polak
May 12, 2020

Okay, I'm currently experimenting with a celery indoors just like this too! Yours is definitely doing better than mine, so I'd say I need some tips from you! I have a tiny shoot sprouting out and the sides went moldy! XD Anyway, I hope spring hurries up so I can plant mine in the ground. What other veggies did you try?

Charlotte Rentmeister
Jul 22, 2020

The sides will always go moldy!! Don't worry too much about it, just keep changing the water everyday and wait until you have roots before you replant! I planted some lettuce, spinach and rocket seeds in my little planter and they worked out great :)

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