Service Highlight: Protecting the Quality of Water for Farming

Mar 6, 2021  11:00 - 12:00

(GMT -5:00) Eastern Time

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Cost:  Free
Hosted by: Emmanuelle Tassy-Bunyan, Ocean Bridge Ambassador


It's easy to feed ourselves nowadays in Canada: hungry? just go to the grocery store. In there, you will find an endless variety of food available for your needs, regardless of diet and preferences. Grocery stores made our lives indefinitely easier, but we often forget how hard it is to produce this food in the first place.

Have you tried growing crops in your garden? Have you tried hunting? Did you succeed the first time? If the answer is NO!, then you are aware of how complex agriculture and husbandry are. Every year, farmers work tirelessly to produce food to feed the growing and demanding Canadian population. They also have to face the overgrowing environmental problem caused by increased population and urbanization. These problems heavily impact water quality. Food and water go hand in hand, which means that polluted water can seriously undermine food productivity and quality.

This presentation will target the frequent and numerous problems farmers and other agriculture workers face every year and raise funds for the many non-profit organization that work on water conservation, wildlife maintenance, and helping struggling farmers to apply best management practices.

La présentation sera en anglais, mais les questions et commentaires en français sont encouragés !

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