SciCATs’ Online Science Communication

Jun 8, 2020  2:00pm - 4:00pm

(GMT -8:00) Pacific Time

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Hosted by: Nerd Nite Vancouver

SciCATs (Science Communication Action Team, uh, something) is a collective of science communicators (and cat fans) providing skills-based science communication training, resources, and in-person workshops.

Over the past few months almost all of our public communication has gone online, let alone our vital science communication. Have you been thrust into giving online talks, lead online workshops, or are wanting to step up your online presentation skills? We got you!

For the past two years, SciCATs has been developing online resources and delivering science communication workshops to diverse groups of those interested in science communication. We are now hosting an open, public event to help a broader audience of those passionate about science to mix, mingle, and build their science communication skills - all while having fun.

SciCATs’ Online Science Communication is a two-hour interactive workshop that will take you through the basics of an online presentation. We’ll go through everything from how to set up your audio visual tech, to understanding your audience, and then finally some basic online communication skills, which you will then have a chance to practice. We'll take you through everything you need to give a great online talk!

Things you will need:

- Strong wi-fi Connection
- Computer with webcam is preferred, connecting with phone is suitable, but given the nature of the content, learning how to use your computer is best.
- This workshop is ideal for people who are new to science communication or those who are more experienced. You might be an undergraduate or graduate student, researcher, technician, or other roles that have an interest in talking to the public about what you do. Perhaps you just want to hang out and meet some local science communicators. This is a great place to do it!

If you are interested in this workshop but can't make it, let us know, as we likely will be planning more and would love to hear what times would be better. [email protected]

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