The future ocean economy: A conversation on research, industry and sustainability with Dr. Kate Moran

May 7, 2020  12:00

(GMT -4:00) Atlantic Time

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Hosted by: Ocean Networks Canada

Are you interested in sustainable ocean technology? Are you looking to commercialize your research? 

If so, tune into this week's webinar, where we will be joined by special guest Dr. Kate Moran from Ocean Networks Canada. Kate is going to discuss how industry and startups can engage with researchers and academics to further the development of their commercial activities, along with the opportunities for startups to tackle issues related to climate change and sustainability.

She is world renowned in her field and her research focuses on marine geotechnics and its application to the study of paleoceanography, tectonics and seafloor stability. She is currently working on a way to sequester CO2 into the seafloor and is testing for earthquakes too small to be felt on the surface. If you'd like to hear from Dr. Kate Moran and ask her your questions register now. 

About the #OceanofOpportunities webinar series

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