Module 6: Let's Talk Seafood!


Seafood is a global, shared resource, and everyone should care about it. Whether you care about the health of ocean ecosystems, or the 3 billion people that rely on seafood as a source of protein and food security, or the 60 million people who are directly employed by the seafood sector – our oceans affect all of us and we can all help keep them healthy. Learn how choosing Ocean Wise recommended seafood relieves pressure on overfished species, supports responsible aquaculture, and ensures our oceans will remain healthy and flourishing for generations to come. Dive into the realities of the seafood industry, the power both businesses and consumers hold, and explore which seafood actually *improves* water quality and *creates* habitat – almost unheard of in food production. Wondering why some experts claim seafood is more sustainable than vegetables? Erika Bolliger, Accounts Coordinator for Ocean Wise Seafood, will cover the facts, the fictions, and actionable steps you can take to help protect our oceans in this exclusive Ocean Bridge presentation.

Meet our speaker

Erika Bolliger joined the Ocean Wise Seafood team in 2019, starting as a Program Assistant and working her way up to an Accounts Coordinator where she now manages Ocean Wise Seafood partner relationships across Eastern Canada and supports their sustainable sourcing. She has been responsible for coordinating Toronto’s first ever sustainable seafood walking tour and is the creator and editor of the interactive digital cookbook Cooking for Conservation: Restorative Seafood Recipes Designed to Support Healthy Oceans, with 100% of proceeds donated to the Ocean Wise Seafood program. Erika graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science, majoring in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology. She is an accomplished public speaker and puts her skills and energy into connecting others with simple ways they can incorporate sustainability into their lifestyle, while accumulating positive pressure for large-scale, lasting change for our planet. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Explore the state of fisheries, in Canada and internationally 
  • Reflect on large-scale and small-scale approaches to dealing with overfishing that are being used by non-profits, industry leaders, and policy makers. 
  • Hear from individuals prioritizing interdisciplinary and inclusive approach to fish and fisheries policy, management, and research in the hopes of identifying voices and stakeholders that must be part of local and global solutions to these issues.  

Date + Time

October 5th, 2:00 pm PST / 5:00 pm EST

Pre-dialogue Action Items

Watch: Ocean Wise Seafood Webinar: Navigating Solutions to Overfishing | June 8, 2021 - YouTube to get an overview of Overfishing and Ocean Wise’s approach 

    Dialogue Agenda

    • Welcome
    • Speaker Introduction
    • Presentation
    • Live Q&A facilitated by National Team
    • Wrap-up and thank you

    Post-dialogue Discussion Task

    • Participate in synchronous or asynchronous discussion

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