Local Service from Home

Welcome to the community service page! As an Ocean Bridge Ambassador you have been tasked to serve both the environment and your community. Service can take various forms, and to help you explore which works best for you and your community we have developed some service project ideas that could help inspire your work throughout your ambassadorship.

Given the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, we have mobilized to help support you through these uncertain times. Please consult the section entitled Local Service from Home and do not hesitate to contact the Program Specialists should you have any questions comments or concerns.

Please continue to follow the protocols around prevention from Health Canada. Be safe and reach out to your loved ones and neighbours. 

Opportunities with Ocean Wise:

  • Opportunity A:  Share your Knowledge and Skills with YouthToSea
  • Opportunity B: Sustainable Sustenance 

Connecting to Nature:

  • Opportunity A: Solo Clean-up
  • Opportunity B: Use iNaturalist and contribute to citizen science
  • Opportunity C: Tell a story about a time in nature on the Ocean Bridge Gallery
  • Opportunity D: Develop an identification guide
  • Opportunity E: Plant a native biodiversity garden

Supporting Community:

  • Opportunity A: Online skillshare
  • Opportunity B: Online social gathering 
  • Opportunity C: Blog or podcast
  • Opportunity D: Be a guest presenter

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