2020 - Haida Gwaii

As the Ocean Bridge team, you will contribute to the health of our Oceans by participating in a 10-day immersive learning journey delivering marine conservation service projects in Haida Gwaii. By living, working and reflecting as a team in an iconic natural setting, you develop social capital, respect for diversity and a heightened sense of responsibility and pride.

As a national team, Ocean Bridge - Pacific Cohort will:

- Spend time leading up to the journey identifying and planning service project(s).

- Engage in Indigenous-led stewardship and service projects.

- Live together in Haida Gwaii from May 22nd to Just 1st delivering ocean health service projects.

- Have a budget of $25,000 to support them in achieving their goals.

- Share their experience through social and media communications.

For more details, check out the what to expect page!

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