Ocean Bridge has a number of platforms to help you share your story – we love to hear and see what you're up to! See the below for examples of ways we can help communicate your stories, events and experiences.

Social Media

Below are Ocean Wise's official social media channels that you can like, follow and tag when posting about your ocean-related service work and activities:

Use the following hashtags in posts related to the conference or your service work: 

  • #OceanBridge // #PortailOcéan
  • #LeadersToday // #Leadersdaujourdhui
  • #NatureForAll // #NaturePourTous

It’s important to tag @OceanWise and use the hashtags above so the people running the accounts can keep track of and share your posts!

If you don’t use social media, don’t have the capacity or don’t feel comfortable posting, please contact Ben at [email protected], and we’ll find a way to effectively communicate

the experience!

Tell Your Story!

Ocean Wise's own Aquablog is a platform used to tell various ocean-related stories – including tales, reflections and articles by Ocean Bridge ambassadors such as yourselves! It's a great place to let out what's on your mind and to get your creative juices flowing.

If you'd like to write for the Aquablog, or any other blog or publication, but don't quite know here to start, please visit the Story Generator page and fill out the form.

Submit an Event

Whenever you have an event, please fill out the form in the Submit an Event section. This will allow us to reach out to media and let the rest of the world know the great work you are doing. We’ll also be able to add the event to our Events Calendar.

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