2018 National Calls:

Cultural Understandings - General: Micah Messent, BC Parks & Ocean Bridge
Cultural Understandings - Haida Gwaii: Barbara Wilson
Marine Conservation Areas in Canada: June 27th - Francine Mercier, Parks Canada
Non-formal Education Basics: June 29th - Nicole Straughan, Ocean Wise
Rising Youth Grants program: July 4th & 5th  - Aicha Allaoui & Jamal Teckleweld, TakingITGlobal
Youth Engagement in MPAs: July 11th - Da Chen, Ocean Bridge                                                                                                                      

Ocean Wise Seafood: August 15th and 16th - Jade-Alexandra Trottier & Alasdair Lindop                                                                  

Microplastics: August 20th - Stephen Chastain, Ocean Wise

Systems thinking by design: September 4th - Danielle Moore, Colby Deighton & Da Chen

Sustainability in Practice: December 10th - Alexis Scoon, Ocean Wise 

Next Steps: January 31st - Megan Harvey, Parks Canada

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