2018 - Haida Gwaii

As the Ocean Bridge team, you will contribute to the health of our Oceans by participating in a 10-day immersive wilderness expedition delivering a marine conservation service project of your design. In the months leading up to this extended service, you will co-create your project with the local community and each other. By living, working and reflecting as a team in an iconic natural setting, you develop social capital, respect for diversity and a heightened sense of responsibility and pride. 

As a national team, Ocean Bridge will:

  • Spend two months leading up to the journey identifying and planning their service project(s).
  • Co-create their service project(s) with the local community and one another.
  • Live together in Haida Gwaii from May 20th to 30th delivering their ocean health service project.
  • Have a budget of $25,000 to support them in achieving their goals.
  • Share their experience through social and media communications.

Planning your team service project:

This space will guide you through identifying, planning, delivering, and sharing your ocean health service project. Some challenges will be completed by you as an individual, but most will require you to work collectively as a team. Leading up to your wilderness expedition you will:

Now for some inspiration:

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