National Calls

Each month Ocean Bridges gather virtually across the country to discuss ocean health & ocean literacy!

As an Ocean Bridge leader, you will participate in National calls with your peers and guest speakers to explore a variety of topics including but not limited to: ocean health, ocean literacy, project planning, Indigenous perspectives, and to introduce guests you may meet during the immersive learning journeys.  

Before the call:

An introductory bio will be shared of the speaker
You will have access to background information and resources on the topic being discussed. 
A couple questions will be posed to challenge you to start thinking about the topic before the call.
A link to the webex meeting will be shared in your Tuesday update before the call.

The call:

The call will be hosted on WebEx.
Generally, guest speakers will have 30-45min to present with 30-15min for discussion afterwards, but guests are encouraged to present in the format they prefer. 

After the call:

A recording of the call will be shared for those unable to attend (with the guests permission)
Ocean Bridgers can continue the conversation on a designated discussion thread

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