9. The Journey from Businessman to Eco-Activist


Please join us for our last National Call on Wednesday January 13 2021 at 3PM ADT / 11 AM PST.  

We will be concluding this series on a positive note and will be hearing about positive Grant Brown’s experience pivoting into environmental service work. Furthermore, he will be sharing some trends in positive environmental news stories. Please note Grant is interested in exchanging with ambassadors so please come prepared for more of a discussion rather than a formal presentation. If you were ever curious to learn more about communications and how newsletters work -this is the session for you!

Grant Brown

As founder of Happy Eco News, Grant is focussed on affecting positive environmental change at the human level. Inspired by the positive grass roots work of others, his focus is to raise awareness of their efforts. In so doing, Grant hopes to help others overcome the eco-anxiety or climate grief that is so common and take positive action.

As Vice President of Marketing at energy storage company Sterling PlanB, Grant develops and implements marketing, planning and brand strategy for a rapidly growing clean technology company. Leading a talented team of like-minded marketing experts, his contribution is one of experience, leadership and deep knowledge of the industrial energy storage industry.

A passionate environmentalist, he is driven by a need to "leave it better than he found it". This drive combined with a deep personal interest in all aspects of nature and environmental issues, gives Grant the ability to explain the top stories of today to everyday people and to inspire them to join the movement toward a new, green society.

To find out more about Grant and his work:

Happy Eco News Sterling PlanB

The call will take place on Wednesday  January  13th 2021 at 3PM AST / 11 AM PST : 

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