6. Combating Pollution at the Grassroots

START DATE:Oct 6, 2020DUE DATE:Oct 19, 2020STATUS:Open


Please join us on Monday October 19th 2020 at 12 PM ADT (8AM PDT) for our upcoming national call.

This session will focus on how marginalised communities on the frontlines of environmental change feel the impacts of pollution more starkly than any other community, and why we need to innovate and implement solutions that are scalable and involve local communities as drivers of change. Drawing on her experience as an environmental TV presenter and wildlife filmmaker, Malaika will speak about her experiences living in one of the world's most polluted cities, filming with communities impacted deeply by pollution and some of the game-changing solutions she's across that can make a difference.

Malaika Vaz

Malaika Vaz is a National Geographic Explorer, TV Presenter and Green Oscar-nominated wildlife filmmaker from India. She hosts, directs and produces documentaries on the environment and wildlife conservation for television networks like Nat Geo Wild, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet and Al Jazeera. Her most recent TV series Living with Predators focuses on the frontline communities who are protecting India's Big Cats and is currently airing on Nat Geo Wild. She is passionate about creating policy impact in the field of wildlife conservation, and collaborates with conservation organisations like WildAid and the Wildlife Trust of India on anti-trafficking investigations and campaigns.

To find out more about Malaika and her work: 

Visit Untamed Planet and scroll to the bottom to watch her most recent films and documentary projects 

Malaika was recently named an Ambassador for the Earthshot Prize, which is the world's most prestigious environmental prize and one of the core areas of focus is waste and pollution

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