6: Women as Gamechangers in Conservation with Whitney Tome


This call was on Friday, October 23 at 4 pm EST (1 pm PST).

Our four mentors Jennifer, Samantha, Zihan and Marilie invited Whitney Tome from the Raben Group to speak about Women as Gamechangers in Conservation and her story as to how she arrived where she is.

Whitney brought people, organizations, and groups together to achieve their goals. She has worked on several environmental issues from oceans and fisheries to national parks because she is passionate about our planet, its resources and the people who will live on it for years to come. Before coming to the Raben Group, Whitney worked on several political campaigns at Environmental Defense Fund’s Oceans Program, built long-term partnerships with universities, and established clear and measurable diversity metrics for National Parks Conservation Association. She is able to identify systemic opportunities and challenges, craft sustainable solutions, and then implement them for organizations.


See the call recording here

pw: Conservation23

Learning Objectives

This national call is intended to demonstrate the listed learning objectives under climate change of the ocean literacy theories:

  • Oceans and humans are inextricably connected  
  • The ocean made the earth habitable
  • The oceans support the diversity and life of ecosystems

It also meets the following sustainable development goals:

  • 4: Quality education
  • 5: Gender equality
  • 10: reduced inequality
  • 14 Life below water

And the following biodiversity convention goals:

  • 1: Understand values
  • 2: mainstream biodiversity
  • 11: Protected areas
  • 14: restore ecosystems
  • 18: improve knowledge

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