4: Mashteuiatsch national call


This national call was on Wednesday Jul 29 at 5pm EST (2 pm PST) 

Our three mentors Jennifer, Samantha and Zihan invited Alexandre Bacon, from the Mashteuiatsch First Nations community to speak about relations with indigenous peoples, the Mashteuiatsch community and indigenous mythology about relating to the ocean.

Originally from Mashteuiatsh, Alexandre Bacon works actively as a strategic advisor to several indigenous and government organizations. On the citizen level, he co-founded the Cercle Kisis which works to increase the influence of indigenous cultures and bring people closer together. He also offers several training courses covering both history and current socio-political realities. These trainings aim to provide concrete tools to individuals who wish to go further in their understanding of the issues and in the accuracy of their interventions.

Alex spoke about the “Hidden treasures of Indigenous cultures”.

Did you know that very ancient Indigenous legends are supported by current scientific theories? What mammoths and animals that are now extinct are found there? These stories are full of surprises and fascinating to hear to better understand the worldviews of Indigenous peoples. Learn more about the history of First Peoples in Canada and the future challenges of reconciliation by attending this brief conference.

The call was delivered in Frnech with  Karine as a simultaneous translator 


The recording can be found here.

pw: Mash_29july 

Learning Objectives

This national call is intended to demonstrate the following Ocean literacy theories:

  • Earth has one big ocean
  • The ocean made the earth habitable
  • Oceans and humans are inextricably interconnected

It also emphasizes the following UN sustainable development goals:

  • Goal 14: life below water
  • Goal 17: partnerships

It will also allow understanding of these Biodiversity Convention goals:

  • 1: understand values
  • 2: Mainstream biodiversity
  • 6: Improve knowledge

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