(5.) Cold-Ocean Deep-Sea Research, Environment and Industry


National Call Occurred June 3rd, 2020

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Stephen Hill is a scientist who works in diverse fields at the intersection of human health, the environment and industry. A manager of laboratory and field research projects, and a general science gearhead, his expertise lies in applying the tools and technology of a research lab to solving challenges for government, industry, and academia. This has included a decade of work with Environment Canada where he developed and applied methods to determine the source of microbial contamination at beaches using environmental DNA and researched waterborne pathogens, especially E. coli. Following this work, he moved to Newfoundland to enter the world of ocean sciences to lead the new Cold-ocean Deep-sea Research Facility (CDRF) at Memorial University. Here, microbiology skills have been applied to run an Aquatic Containment Level 3 lab which is used to study solutions to disease in fish, primarily species used in North Atlantic aquaculture. 

        Stephen works with the offshore oil and gas industry to assess health impacts on fish and has analysed how oil degrades under the high-pressure conditions of the deep-sea. New research is focused on how microplastics are ingested by the smallest animals in the ocean. The CDRF even engages in medical research where he adapts microscopy and cell biology techniques to help immunology, cancer, and vision researchers. At the heart of it all, is his personal interest in environmental conservation, mostly so we always have nice places to hike and camp at home and abroad. He believes technical and management careers in science provide unique and fascinating opportunities for those passionate about solving real-world problems with hands-on science.

Conservation Focus: Climate Change, Pollution


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