2: What is Service National Call


Please join us Saturday, May 23rd at 4 pm EST (1 pm PST) for our upcoming service national call.

Our three mentors Jennifer, Samantha and Zihan invited three Ocean Bridge alumni who will discuss service, and tell you about their projects from previous years:

Hannah Lucas, Ariel Greenblat and Adrian Rogers

During our one hour session, there will be discussions, icebreakers and opportunities to share and connect with the three alumni, as well as the other young professionals in the cohort. Don’t miss it!

We officially invite you to be part of the second St-Lawrence’s cohort National call. During this call, we will explore what is service, what service means to you, what motivates you to do service and what service can look like. We will also discuss service projects you have participated in or helped organize in the past why that specific project/experience was meaningful to you.

There will be time for questions, ice breakers and it will be the perfect opportunity to learn about your mentor and about the other participants in the cohort.

Please join us during this call and if you can’t make it do not worry it will be recorded. You can therefore watch it later. The national call will be delivered in English but there will be a linguistic support for native French speakers. We will have Jennifer as a simultaneous translator who will be available through our conference line.

The National call will be hosted through a video-conference software called Webex Cisco. No worries, this platform is simple and free. Here are some easy instructions on how to join:

By Computer: You only need to click on the invite, and you will be redirected to the meeting page. Just type in your name and your email address and you are good to go! this option will allow you to have the audio and the video.  

By phone: You can download the Webex Cisco app in your smart phone which is user-friendly and free. When the meeting is about to start, open the app and type in the access code and you should be joining the call in a matter of seconds! This option should allow you to have the audio and the video. Otherwise, dial and call the number provided below and then, type in the access code. You will be joining the call through a conference line, meaning, you will only be able to have the audio.

Do not forget to plug in the password (see below).

For those looking to listen in French, please call our conference line. When it asks whether you are the host of the meeting, do not type anything, just wait. You will still need to log in to the Webex call to see the presentation, but you will hear all the audio in French via the live translation on the conference line. You will want to mute the audio and microphone from Webex (and your computer) so you don’t create any feedback. If you would like to ask questions, we encourage you to ask via the Webex chat box or you can ask Jennifer your question over the phone and she will convey the question on your behalf.

If you have any questions for about participating in English, please contact Samantha: [email protected]


Collaborate to the discussion forum which will be found under the Discussion tab on the left of your web page!
Join the national call (English version) by clicking on the link below and following the instructions:

"What is Service" National Call - Ocean Bridge https://oceanwise.webex.com/recordingservice/sites/oceanwise/recording/playback/3ebf95082a834728ae055950e9264afb

Recording Password: 

Duration: 1 hr 7 min

Learning Objectives

This national call is intended to provide you with all the essential information on what is service and to introduce you to the different aspects of it. In the same way, this national call will be a social occasion to meet alumni participants of the Ocean Bridge program from previous years. These former participants will share project ideas, as well as suggestions for your community service hours. You will also learn more about the other participants in the St. Lawrence cohort.

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