2. Canadian Splash: Scuba Diving Through Canada's Special Places

START DATE:Apr 15, 2020DUE DATE:May 5, 2020STATUS:Open


Please join us on Tuesday May 5th 2020 at 5PM ADT (1PM PDT) for our upcoming national call.

Our speakers are couple Joey and Alisha Postma who will speak about their experience scuba diving in some of Canada's special places. Special places are places that are special to you – that have possibly played an important role in fostering your connection to nature, the land and the water. Please participate in the discussion forum so that our presenters can familiarize themselves with areas of interest throughout our cohort.  Kindly note, that following Joey and Alisha's presentation, there will be a moderated Q & A period.  

For Joey and Alisha Postma it was love at first splash!

As scuba divers, underwater photographers and ocean-loving enthusiasts, with a background in marine biology and computer technology, the husband and wife duo have founded Dive Buddies 4 Life, an educational website platform, fostering ocean literacy, conservation, engagement and understanding of our aquatic world. Through journalism and high-quality photography, Joey and Ali scuba dive around the world, showcasing and connecting people to the planet's lakes, rivers, and oceans, all while instilling knowledge and appreciation for the animals that live there.

To find out more about the Postma's and their scuba diving projects:

Dive Buddies 4 Life | Canadian Splash @divebuddies4life | Press & Magazine Publications


Please ensure to put yourself on the map and participate in the discussion forum so that our presenters can get to know the cohort prior to the call. 

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