1. What Is Service?

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Please join us on Monday March 30th 2020 at 3PM ADT (11AM PDT) for our upcoming national call.

We will be speaking to three Ocean Bridge Alumni from the inaugural 2018 cohort: Chúk Odenigbo, Mo Phùng and Da Chen. They will share their experience in the Ocean Bridge program and what service means to them. Kindly note, this call will be conversational and there will be a structured interview followed by a Q&A period, so please come prepared to engage.   

Chúk Odenigbo

Chúk Odenigbo

Proudly Franco-Albertan, Chúk’s passion lies in the interactions between culture, health and the environment. He recently started his PhD at the University of Ottawa in Medical Geography after completing a masters degree from the School of Public Health at the University of Montréal. Chúk is your typical urbanite, in love with technology and fashion, all the while retaining a connection with nature and integrating green and blue spaces into his everyday. His vision is to reconnect humanity with nature in a way that accommodates modernity, sparking that green revolution without decimation of the present.

To find out more about Chúk and his service work:

Haida Voices La Poison et la Pomme | Parlons Océans | Promenades sur l'Eau 

                          Click to connect with  Chúk on LinkedIn

Mo Phùng

Mo Phùng

Mo Phùng (She/Her) is the Community Specialist for Ocean Bridge at Ocean Wise and Co-Founder of Oceans Week HFX. She also works as a QPOC photographer based in K’jipuktuk (Halifax). With an academic background in Marine Biology and Ocean Technology, her work focuses on communication strategies within the media and environmental sectors that engage youth from across Canada. Topics close to her heart: Ocean Education, Environmental Racism Issues, Climate Justice & Equity and 2SLGBTQIA+ Rights and Awareness.

To find out more about Mo's and her service work:

Oceans Week HFX @oceansweekhfx

Click to connect with Mo on LinkedIn.

Da Chen


Da Chen is currently, a second-year Master student at the University of Toronto studying Urban Planning. Da was part of 2018 Ocean Bridge Program which was a highlight of his life. Da loves being in nature and especially loves camping during the summer. Out of all the oceans, he would say his first love is the Arctic with the Pacific coming close second. If anyone is heading to Haida Gwaii or Pukskwa National Park this year, enjoy it! Those are two of Da's favourite places in the world. Feel free to drop a message to him at any time!

To find out more about Da's work:

The Pristine Blue Initiative Chen et al., 2019

Click to connect with Da on LinkedIn

For those looking to listen in French, please use the following instructions:

1. Connect to WebEx video conference. 

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        5. Listen in and enjoy! 

        Kindly Note: If you would like to ask questions, we encourage you to ask via the chat box or you can ask on your phone connection via the interpreter and she will convey the question on your behalf.

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