11-06 Lunch and Learn: Have Your Cake and Eat Sustainable Seafood Too!



Dear Ocean Wise Team,

Do you love cake!? Do you love seafood!? Well then have we got just the thing for you! If you’ve been dying to know what the nuts and bolts are of the Ocean Wise seafood program, or to boost your confidence when talking about sustainable seafood through the course of your work, then this lunch & learn is just what you’ve been waiting for (you’re welcome!).

The Ocean Wise Seafood Team is excited to invite you to a lunch and learn session on Wednesday November 6th where we intend to wow, dazzle, and shock you with all things seafood-related. There will be cake provided, and you are welcome to bring your lunch to enjoy while you in turn enjoy learning about sustainable seafood. Our presentation, “Have your Cake and Eat Sustainable Seafood Too,” will provide an in-depth look at how our program makes recommendations on sustainable seafood before taking a closer look at that most iconic of West coast seafood products: Pacific salmon. It will be a great opportunity to meet the new(ish) faces of the Seafood Team. We hope to see you there!

Please RSVP to this event if you plan to come! It’s not because we’ll be taking attendance…it’s because we want to make sure there is enough cake.

Warm regards,

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Seafood Team


Listen to the recording here. 

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