3. Ottawa Project Pitches


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Learning Objectives

Ottawa Project Pitches 

Project idea #1: Disrupting the Waste Stream

Host a workshop where we do a waste audit of the things that enter the waste stream on an average day, and then critically reflect on where these objects came from, the resources that went into getting them to Ottawa, and also some fun and creative brainstorming of ways these items could be re-used. And then try to do some hands on crafting to repurpose them together. This could be combined with data from Ottawa Waste Management to see just how much waste the city generates. Maybe we could creatively break down the waste streams and represent it in some kind of art display (created from waste distributed from the waste stream).

This workshop will inspire people to take action as well, by giving them the tools or the platform to reach out to the companies that produce the majority of the waste from our audit. We can facilitate a letter-writing campaign or set up an email form, to ask the businesses about what actions they are taking to work towards a closed-loop production system, and advocate for more responsible and sustainable products.

Project Idea #2: Bring the Oceans to Ottawa

This event will bring the ocean to Ottawa. Ottawa is the legislative hub in Canada, where many marine and aquatic laws are written. Ottawa politicians are often far detached from the issues they are governing so we should expose them to these issues through protest art that illustrates

the largest issues facing our waterways today. Some ideas include representations of sea level rise from climate change, or ocean acidification, over fishing, and plastic debris.

Project idea #3: Let’s talk oceans

The idea is to station pairs of two around Ottawa (inside or outside) with a big sign welcoming people to talk about the ocean. Ocean Bridge Ambassadors could be stationed for a couple hours or so. It doesn't have to be a long conversation and it can be on any topic. It could be a question someone might have, an interest or a solution to a problem. The point is to have a conversation and make a connection to the ocean in someway. Through this activity, we would get a good feel for the level of ocean literacy in Ottawa.

Project idea #4: Contamination Station

If anyone wants to collaborate on an arduino/robotics station I can bring some gear down to conduct an interactive activity using turbidity containers, some LED lights, an arduino UNO and hopefully some water quality sensors. We could use common use/household items and measure various parameters. Discuss impacts and how to mitigate them.

Project Idea #5: Plastic free is a privilege

On June 10th, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau officially announced a plastic-ban, as early as 2021.

As great as this news may be, there is concern that this ban could potentially cause negative effects for Canadians, as boil water advisories are all too common in Canada and people use bottled water for access to clean drinking water.  So this begs the question: what will happen to these communities’ access to clean drinking water if plastic water bottles are banned? Using our platform we hope to raise awareness and drive change to ensure that this generation of youth feel capable of achieving

Why it’s important to us and our role: This issue feels important to us for a variety of reasons, including personal connections to communities such as Pays Plat, who recently also faced a boil water advisory. What is driving us to take action on it would be our position to educate and access to resources, hopefully drawing light to the privilege of being plastic free.

Possible actions/events

  •  Highlight the progress and action that has been made in improving clean drinking water access.
  • Partner with a local coffee shop [TBD] - have set amount of proceeds donated [TBD]
  • Opportunity to reach a vast range of people), and provide some sort of education opportunity ○ Proceeds from the sale of Birch Bark Coffee Co. coffee sales go towards the purchase and installment of Certified Water Purification Systems
  • Nima has connection with founder Mark Marsolais-Nahwegahbow ■ https://aptnnews.ca/2018/11/10/coffee-sales-to-end-boil-water-advisories-one-bean-at-a-time/ ■ https://www.gofundme.com/grounds4change-canada: could either support by purchasing coffee or donating (has already reached his $10k goal, but still collecting)

Project idea # 6: Ocean themed celebration


Project idea #7: Plastics map

A day with immersive outreach of single use plastics. A giant game – a huge map in a single location that depicts the voyage a plastic will take from its use to when it’s recycled (or not). Also going to link this with what effect these plastics have one different species (and species at risk). This is something we can link through the Great Lakes as well as the St. Laurent. The outreach will be aimed a diversity of ages (children to adults) but will especially focus on school-aged children. This idea is to give this giant map and plastic outreach booth to an interested party of the Great Lakes community. 

Project idea #8: MPA Effectiveness/Beyond 2020 Panel + Film Screening and Living Library

2019 Ocean Bridge Urban Service Projects 

  1. Oceans Outreach Day (‘Let’s Talk Oceans’ and ‘Contamination station’ projects)
  2. An exploration on Ocean Plastics (A collaboration between ‘Disrupting the waste stream’, ‘Plastic free is a privilege’ and ‘Plastics map’.) 
  3. MPA effectiveness and Beyond 2020 panel 
  4. Bring the Oceans to Ottawa 
  5. Oceans Party

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