04-29 National Marine Conservation Areas - Chantal Vis


Join us Monday, Apr. 29th for our speaker, Chantal Vis from Parks Canada, who will be speaking to the policy and process of National Marine Conservation Areas (NMCAs). 

Chantal Vis, PhD, Marine Ecosystem Specialist, Parks Canada, Ottawa, ON

Chantal Vis is an aquatic scientist who has gained a diverse range of experiences from years of working on freshwater and marine issues in Canada. From harmful algal blooms in the St. Lawrence River to tagging narwhal and Greenland sharks in the Arctic, throughout her career she has provided science advice on the monitoring, research and management of aquatic ecosystems, and works on projects involving multiple partners, from both government, academia and non-governmental organizations. After receiving her PhD in aquatic ecology from the Université de Montréal, she worked as a research scientist with Environment Canada in Ontario, and joined Parks Canada in 2007. Today, she is a marine ecosystem specialist with the Marine Conservation Group in Parks Canada, where she provides evidence-based policy advice to inform the monitoring and management of National Marine Conservation Areas.


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