Monthly Reflections


Starting in March and continuing through your year-long Ocean Bridge journey, please post at least 1 photo a month to our community gallery that best represents your experience or Ocean Bridge service for that month. This photo can take a lot of different forms but should represent where you are currently with your service. You may choose to post a photo of the inspiration for you service, a local waterway, any brainstorming or mind mapping images you have created, a selfie of you on a mentorship call, or, of course, a photo of you carrying out your service work in your local community.  It can be a literal image of your service experience or it can be more abstract or metaphorical, anything goes! As long as you feel it represents your experience that month. 


  • Post one photo a month to the community photo gallery
  • Write a brief one or two sentence description for your photo submission

Learning Objectives

  • Reflect monthly, through a photo submission, on what your service learning has been that month
  • Share your experience with other Ocean Bridgers and engage on the journeys of your peers

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