02-20 Youth Ambassadors - Sahej and Joe


On February 20 we will have our first National Call! This call will be facilitated by Joe and Sahej, 2 Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors. They will be discussing their experience as youth ambassadors, the program, and many other fascinating things!

Sahej (like badge with an S), is one of the 2018-2019 Parks Canada youth ambassadors. But believe it or not, before starting in May 2018, she had never been to a Canadian national park! Over the years, Sahej has travelled to historical sites all over the world, and always comes back with a renewed sense of appreciation for Canada and its amazing people. As a tour guide on Parliament Hill for Canada’s 150th birthday, she had the opportunity to meet Canadians from around the country and learn a little bit about them and the places they’re from. This summer, she got to reverse roles and explore some of their hometowns.

Sahej has always been a bit of a dabbler, this has taken her from teaching at a mermaid school, to playing percussion in an orchestra, to trying to perfect a pull-up at the CrossFit gym. This attitude is what led her to an interdisciplinary degree in health sciences in her hometown, at the University of Ottawa. Here, she’s been able to examine the deep connection between human health and nature. This relationship is something she’s now been able to explore in our national parks (and outside of a textbook)! For her, being an ambassador for Parks Canada has been the experience of a lifetime. The ability to share that nature is for everyone, no matter how much experience or fancy equipment you have, has been the utmost honour.

Joe McLeod is one of the 2018-2019 Parks Canada Youth Ambassadors. Growing up in Keswick (about an hour North of Toronto), Joe spent a lot of time outdoors camping and hiking which helped him gain an appreciation and love of nature and its benefits for mental and physical health. During his high school years, Joe started travelling more and more, exploring Canada and the beauty it has to offer.

As his love for the outdoors grew, so did his desire to explore new places which is why Joe decided to do his first year of university at his school’s campus in England! After his second year of school he began working for the Branding Team at Parks Canada focusing on product photography and outreach. After this summer job, Joe knew he wanted to return to Parks Canada once again which is when he was selected as one of the two Youth Ambassadors. Joe is currently completing his fourth year at Queen’s University with a double major in Global Development and Film.


  1. Wednesday February 20: Join the call from 4-5pm (PST)
    1.  Link: https://oceanwise.webex.com/oceanwise/j.php?MTID=mcddbee42ca9d67f4b310cdf40aaaf07f
  2. February 13-27: Post your thoughts on service or conservation in one of the following discussion platforms:
  3. What does service mean to you?
    What does conservation mean to you?

    *Are you unable to attend the call?  Watch the recording which will be made available 48hours after the call and posted here.

    Learning Objectives

    • Hear from other youth ambassadors in a national program
    • Explore what it means to engage in long term youth engagement expereince

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