01-31 Next Steps


Megan Harvey--Parks Canada

Megan Harvey is a youth engagement officer at Parks Canada where she supports national youth engagement and outreach programs as well as manages two national social media accounts with over 75k followers: Parks Life and Parcs à Vie. 
Growing up hiking and skiing on the Niagara Escarpment in Thornbury Ontario, Megan developed a passion for being outside and sharing her experiences with others. When she joined Parks Canada’s Youth Engagement team as a student in 2016, Megan seized the opportunity to scale her passion to a national level, working on various outreach programs that aim to educate and inspire young Canadians to experience Parks Canada places. During her time at Parks, Megan has taken on many different roles supporting the Youth Ambassadors, Northern Outreach team, and campus club network, even bringing Parks Canada onto her university’s campus by establishing the Western Parks Club. 
Working and volunteering for Parks Canada has provided Megan with wonderful opportunities to explore and share her passion for the outdoors-from learning about Inuit culture and the impacts of climate change in our northern national parks to facilitating learn-to camp activities for young urban Canadians. 
Having recently completed a dual degree program in Business Administration and Media Studies at Western University and Ivey Business School, Megan has moved to the Ottawa/Gatineau region where she continues to build upon the work she started as a student at Parks Canada. 
When she’s not coming up with puns to use on social media, you can find Megan hiking or practising yoga. With one of the seven summits and a visit to Everest Base Camp under her belt, Megan is always looking for a new adventure.


Date: January 31st, 2019 at 10am PST

Language: English and French

Recording Link: https://oceanwise.webex.com/re...

Learning Objectives

Megan Harvey (Former Parks Canada Youth Ambassador) will talk about next steps after being part of an intensive, life-changing program such as Ocean Bridge:
- Take time to reflect
- Build on the momentum
- Stay connected

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