1. Planning the Urban Service Activities


There will be 5 projects selected for the Ottawa expedition. One of these projects should be a networking event. Otherwise, it is completely up to the cohort to develop and plan projects. The projects should be centred around ocean literacy. Given that we will be in Ottawa, consider looking at opportunities around policy. Ottawa is a bilingual city, this is a great opportunity to do French or bilingual projects. We want to reach as many people as possible - this is an opportunity to engage the public in all that you have learned or done throughout your year with Ocean Bridge. 

You will be separated into 5 project planning teams, however everyone will participate in all activities during the expedition. 

Please pitch your projects using Padlet (see below). Refer to the timeline document for more information about deadlines. 


Please share your project pitches on Padlet. You have paid access to Padlet and MURAL for your project planning. 

Padlet : https://oceanbridge.padlet.org/oceanbridge/smha4gjs5qyw

MURAL : Mural is a space to brainstorm, collaborate and organize projects in a visual way. Each Ottawa project has a MURAL that has been created from them and teams can access them using the links below. Not familiar with MURAL? Check out this introduction here

(1) Oceans Outreach Day

(2) An Exploration on Ocean Plastics

(3) MPA effectiveness

(4) Bring the Oceans to Ottawa

(5) Oceans Party

Ottawa Coach: Jasveen Brar will be the point person for the Urban service projects. Jasveen's role is to offer guidance and assistance for all projects. She will be reviewing each team's Project Planning Guides and approving budgets, venues, communication plans etc. It is important for each team to stay in contact with Jasveen and make sure that she is up to date on project plans. You can reach out to Jasveen at: [email protected]


Key Dates:

August 11th – Last day to post Project pitches

August 19th – Deadline for voting on Project Pitches

October 27th – Teams submit draft work plan to Team Coach 

December 16th – Teams submit final project work plans & all projects are ready to deliver

January 24th – Urban Service Expedition begins!

Detailed Timeline:

July 22 – Aug 11
Create and Post Video Pitches

Aug 12 – Aug 25
Ambassadors Vote on Projects to deliver

Aug 26 – Sept 8
Form Project Teams

NEW DATE: Sept 30 - Oct 20
Project teams have first team meeting
Meet with Team Coach 
Develop draft work plan

Oct 21 - Oct 27
Work plans submitted to Team Coach for review

Oct 28 - Nov 1
Feedback on work plans provided to youth by Team Coach

Nov 4 - Dec 15
Teams plan service projects and keep Team Coach up to date on progress

Dec 16 - Dec 20
Planning of Service projects is complete
Meeting with Team Coach to review final plan

Dec 23 - Jan 5

Jan 24 - Jan 28
Urban Ocean Literacy Service in Ottawa

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