2. What to Expect in Lake Superior


Welcome to the North Shore of Lake Superior!


Friday June 14th:  Flights to Thunder Bay. Arrival by 12pm — depending where you are coming from, you may arrive on June 13th, accommodation in Thunder Bay will be provided. We will depart Thunder Bay as a group at 12pm, arriving at Pawgwasheeng First Nation around 3pm. 

Saturday June 15th -  Sunday June 23rd: Full Programming Days

Monday June 24th: Flights home.


You should have booked your flights with Ryan, if not please let your facilitator know! 


We will be staying in 3 locations. 

  1. Pagwasheeng First Nation Pow wow grounds, located next to the community centre which has bathroom and kitchen facilities. 
  2. Pukaskwa National Park Otentiks
  3. Red Rock Indian Band Chalet Lodge, we will sleep in tipis with access to bathrooms and a kitchen inside the Chalet Lodge. 

Tipis: We have purchased 6 large tipis with bunk-bed cots for sleeping. If you prefer to sleep separate from the group you may also bring a tent. 

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