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Jade-Alexandra Trottier--Ocean Wise Coordinator, Québec

Programme Ocean Wise

Jade-Alexandra Trottier, a proud Québec native, joined the Ocean Wise Team in July 2017. From a very young age, Jade-Alexandra found an inexplicably strong connection to the natural world; especially to the blue! To those who knew her, it came as no surprise that after completing a bachelor of arts in management in 2013, she opted for a master of science in marine environmental management at the University of York in the United-Kingdom. During her MSc, Jade-Alexandra became passionate about using awareness and education as a means to connect society and sea. As a strong advocate for ocean stewardship, as part of her thesis, she visited schools across Yorkshire in the U.K., to discuss the threat of overfishing on our marine environment. Like a fish on a line, she has since been hooked to the topic of overfishing. Since graduating in 2014, Jade-Alexandra has lived in the Maldives and Australia where she was involved in coral reef restoration initiatives, sea turtle conservation, ghost net removal and identification projects for sharks, sea turtles and manta rays. She also spearheaded various educational campaigns in local communities and for NGOs. In 2017, having spent 13 years living outside of Canada, Jade finally decided to return to her rightful home with the goal of working with her fellow Quebecers to safeguard the blue of our planet. As the Ocean Wise Coordinator, Jade-Alexandra is responsible for ensuring the program’s continued growth and expansion in the region of Quebec. Her duties include but are not limited to new partnership development, educational outreach, events, and social media.

Alasdair Lindop--Ocean Wise Research Analyst

Ocean Wise Seafood

Originally from the UK, Alasdair earned a Masters in Tropical Coastal Management from Newcastle University after a BSc in Marine Biology. He has had a varied professional career, including working on European coastal sustainability projects, as a fisheries manager for the UK government and on a University of British Columbia global research projects investigating overfishing. Most recently, Alasdair joined the Ocean Wise team in January 2017 as a Research Analyst focusing on small-scale Canadian fisheries. His research assesses the sustainability of these fisheries according to criteria developed by Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch Program and ultimately helps to educate consumers and promote local sustainable seafood choices. Outside of the office, Alasdair can be found hiking or snowboarding in the mountains, or on a sports field playing soccer and Australian rules football.


National Call Details:

Date: August 15th at 3:00pm PST

Speaker: Jade-Alexandra Trottier (French)

CISCO WebEx Meeting Link:  Will be sent out in the Friday update OR see Facebook event.

Date: August 16th at 3:00pm PST

Speaker: Alisdair Lindop (English)

CISCO WebEx Meeting Link:  Will be sent out in the Friday update OR see Facebook event.

Recordings are available as a resource 24 hours after the call. You can find them under resources in the Recordings of National Calls folder.

Learning Objectives


Ocean Wise Seafood Program

What is sustainable seafood? You can find links to sustainable seafood guides.

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Guiding Questions to Reflect On:

  1. What are the impacts of wild fishing and aquaculture? How can we make fishing and aquaculture more sustainable?
  2. How can we encourage consumers to make more sustainable choices when purchasing seafood?
  3. What actions can we take to encourage the fishing and aquaculture industry to make more sustainable choices?

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