Discussion with Friends, Co-Workers or Classmates


For this challenge, you will host an ocean themed discussion with your friends, co-workers or classmates!

A good discussion allows for a critical conservation about a certain topic or a group of topics. It challenges people to back up their own opinions and to listen to other points of view. Community Tool Box shares that a good group discussion:

  • Gives everyone involved a voice
  • Allows for a variety of ideas to be expressed and discussed
  • Encourages those who might normally be reluctant to speak their minds
  • Can open communication channels among people who might not communicate in another way

The ability to facilitate a group discussion is an excellent skill and a great way to have healthy, insightful conservation about important ocean conservation topics!


Here is what you need to do:


  1. Set a date, time and location for your discussion.
  2. Choose a topic. Be creative! Think of a recent news article or paper you read that sparked discussion. Or something that has challenged you in your ocean conservation work. 
  3. To prepare participants for the discussion you can:
    1. Have an expert in the topic open the discussion with a 15 minute presentation/talk
    2. Ask the participants to read or review an article, video, photo series etc.
    3. Give the participants a couple questions to prepare. Ensure the questions are broad enough to allow for discussion (ex. not Yes or No) but focused enough to allow you to delve deep into a topic
  4. Prepare questions to guide the discussion.
  5. Invite your friends, family, co-workers or classmates. See if you can host the discussion during your work's Sustainability team meeting or during a campus club meeting.
  6. See you if you can bring some treats to share! Food always sparks good discussion :)


  1. Set expectations for the discussion to ensure the space stays respectful and safe
  2. Open up the discussion either through your own introduction or with an expert talk
  3. Ask your prepared questions. As the discussion facilitator, consider the following:
    1. Always ensure the discussion is respectful
    2. Ensure that your participants stay on topic
    3. If necessary, ask participants for clarification of statements
    4. Move from known to unknown. Discussions become interesting with varied opinions 
    5. Manage your time. Ensure that you address at least 2-3 questions in one discussion
    6. Ensure everyone has had the opportunity to speak
  4. Summarize the discussion. Thank participants for attending


  1. Share your discussion points! You can write a blog about it on our community space. Be sure to share on social using our hashtags #OceanBridge #LeadersToday and tagging @OceanWise @leaderstoday and @SocDevSoc. 

Take this discussion online using the CISCO WebEx Units!

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