Do It Yourself Plastic Wise Workshop


For this challenge, you will host a Do It Yourself Plastic Wise Workshop!

More than 8 millions tonnes of plastic enter our ocean every year. 

Part of being ocean conscience and Plastic Wise is reducing the amount of single use plastic we consume. Across the country, more and more zero-waste stores are starting to appear. Here are just a few:

Even without a zero-waste grocery store in your community, there are many things you can do to reduce your single use plastic consumption. Shop bulk with reusable bulk bags, bring reusable grocery bags and only buy items that are not wrapped in single-use plastic. 

What's even better than buying items? Making them yourself! Do It Yourself has many benefits--it's often cheaper, you get a sense of accomplishment, it can become a great social activity and you may be be able to sell your product or at least use it for great gifts. And when your DYI project is Plastic Wise, you are also doing a great thing for the health of our oceans!


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Set a date, time and location. Be creative with your location! It could be your place, your work's staff lounge or a campus community space. 
  2. Pick a theme. DYI workshops often work well when there is a theme. You can:
    1. Keep it Simple: Only make 1 item like Bees Wax Wraps or Lip Balm.
    2. Make it a Theme: Do a Household Items Theme (Bees Wax Wraps and All-Purpose Cleaner) or a Personal Care Theme (Body Lotion Bar and Lip Balm)
  3. Gather your supplies. You can provide all of the necessary materials, ask your participants to bring their own materials or source the materials and ask participants to bring a donation to cover costs. Check out the Funding and Grants resource to secure outside funding.
  4. Invite your roommates, friends, family, your campus club and/or co-workers. 
  5. Host your event! Share your event on social using our hashtags #OceanBridge #LeadersToday and tagging @OceanWise @leaderstoday and @SocDevSoc. As a follow up, share with your participants these Tips to use Less Plastic. Encourage your participants to sign the #PlasticWise Pledge 
  6. Share your experience! Tag your service on our Ocean Service Activities map. Take photos and share them on our community space gallery, write a blog or post about your experience on the discussion board.

Want to do something a little simpler?

Try making a Plastic Wise item yourself! Try Bees Wax Wraps, All Purpose Cleaners, Body Lotion Bars or Lip Balm.

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