1. Planning the Urban Service Activities




July 16th - 22nd: 

1. Share your project ideas with the cohort by posting to this discussion forum.  These projects can be new ideas or continuations of projects started in Haida Gwaii.

2. You will receive an email with an invitation to a shared document called Vancouver Project Planning. Follow the instructions in the email to access this document on Microsoft OneDrive.

July 23rd - 29th:

3. For each project the cohort wants to move forward with, have a cohort member add the project title and short description to the first tab, "Project Teams", in the Vancouver Project Planning document.

July 30th - August 5th:

4. Open the Vancouver Project Planning  document, go to the first tab "Project Teams" and add your name to a project. If you have a specific role you would like to fulfill include this information as well.  A few notes:

  • Each project needs a team lead or two people to co-lead.
  • Each project needs a finance representative.
  • Each project needs a communications representative.
  • You can take on more than one role within a team or participate on multiple teams if you feel you have the time to commit.
  • Unsure how to join a team? Check in with your program mentor, Caroline or Erica.

August 6th - September 30th

5. Work with your team to complete a Project Work Plan, budget (on the Vancouver Project Planning document) & Communications Plan.  We encourage your team to use the project planning guide, but teams are welcome to use other project planning formats they are familiar with.

  • Work plan should be shared with Ocean Bridge facilitators by August 27th
  • Budget and communications strategy is to be completed by September 10th

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