5. Communication Representatives


Each project team will have a communication lead responsible for ensuring their teams project is represented in the overall communication plan. Members of this committee should be prepared to contribute more time to the project development. They should also be aware that this role may continue for a few weeks to months after the expedition depending on the strategy created.

Communication Reps are responsible for

  • meeting regularly with the Ocean Bridge Communications Coordinator;
  • completing a communication strategy for their teams project;
  • collaborating with the communication reps from other projects;
  • share the urban service experience on social media.


    Tasks & Timeline for communication reps:

    1. Complete the Communications Plan Template and submit to Ocean Bridge staff by September 10th for approval.
    2. Post about the urban service experience while in Vancouver from October 11 - 16th using #OceanBridge #Leaderstoday and @oceanwise

    Learning Objectives

    1. Demonstrate understanding of the principles of effective communication

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