4. Finance Representatives


Each project team will have a finance rep responsible for the project budget. Because there are several projects the finance rep from each team will need to work together to ensure the collective of projects make appropriate and fair use of the $25,000 budget.

Finance Reps are responsible for

  • communicating the financial requirements of their team to the Ocean Bridge staff;
  • completing a budget for their teams project;
  • managing their project teams budget;
  • collaborating with the finance reps from other projects to ensure each projects needs are met.

Important Details:

  • As a collective Ocean Bridge has $25,000.
  • All budgets need final approval from the Ocean Bridge Manager, Nicole.
  • The Ocean Wise purchasing department can be used for all purchases. Send your request to Nicole and she will send it to the Ocean Wise purchasing team.


Tasks & Timeline for finance reps:

  1. Complete their section of the "Budget" tab in the Vancouver Project Planning shared document and submit to Ocean Bridge staff by September 10th for approval.
  2. Ensure requests for all necessary purchases are submitted to Ocean Bridge staff by September 30th.

Learning Objectives

  1. Demonstrate understanding the basics of creating and adhering to a budget.

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