3. Team Leads


Being a team lead is a rewarding experience. You will guide your team through the process of planning your urban service project(s) from conception to delivery. As a team leader you should be prepared to contribute significantly more time to the development of projects than other Ocean Bridge team members.

Team Leads are responsible for: 

  • Coordinating their project team;
  • Acting as liaison between their project team, other teams and Ocean Bridge staff;
  • Participating fully in weekly team lead meetings to share updates and identify collaboration opportunities with other team leads and Ocean Bridge staff;
  • Delegating project tasks to their team members;
  • Ensuring project team stays on task and deadlines are met;
  • Producing a project work plan with support from their team;
  • Communicating issues or challenges with Ocean Bridge staff in a timely manner.


Tasks & Timeline for project team leads:

  1. Complete "Team Lead Meeting" doodle poll by August 12th with availability for a weekly team lead meeting. 
    Once dates & times have been selected, team leads are expected to attend all team lead meetings.
  2. Coordinate an initial meeting with your project team before August 18th
  3. Send a completed project work plan to Ocean Bridge staff by August 27th
  4. Ensure the budget and communications leads have submitted the project budget and communications strategy to Ocean Bridge staff by September 10th
  5. Lead their team in delivering the service project in Vancouver from October 11-16th

Learning Objectives

  1. Develop team leadership skills including: communication, motivation, time management and delegation
  2. Demonstrate understanding of the project planning process and components of a project plan

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