07-04 Rising Youth Microgrants


Aicha Allaoui, Grants and Logistics Administrator


Having been in born and raised in France from Moroccan immigrants, Aicha sees the world as one big community. She's been travelling for the past 5 years between Morocco, Ireland and Canada. She speaks 5 languages and has a bachelor in business administration. Fun facts about her is that she loves country music and loves to discover new travel spots, being Malta her most recent discovery.

Jamal Teckleweld, Youth Engagement Activator


In his work supporting youth innovation, Jamal leads by example, as his many past and present professional and volunteer efforts demonstrate. As a Youth Engagement Activator with TIG, Jamal is looking to take his youth development work to the next level, helping diverse and vulnerable youth rise up to new heights In Saskatchewan and beyond.


Détails de l'appel pancanadien :

Date : 4 juillet à 13h00 HP
Langue : français

Date : 5 juillet à 13h00 HP
Langue : anglais

Les liens de réunion seront envoyés dans les mises à jour hebdomadaire du vendredi de la semaine précédant l'appel.

Les enregistrements sont disponibles 24 heures après l'appel. Vous les trouverez dans les ressources du dossier Enregistrements d'appels pancanadiens.

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