4. Get Connected


Get Connected:

TakingItGlobal's Guide to Action shares that networking with other individuals and organizations can:

  • Give you ideas and help you problem solve
  • Give you access to knowledge and experience of those who have completed a similar project
  • Help you gain support for your project including funding opportunities

Brainstorm your relevant informal networks (friends, family) and formal networks (business contacts, people you met at conferences, people you know through volunteer work, professors). Identify people and organizations with whom it would be beneficial to connect with and see if someone can introduce you to that person/organization (Ask Caroline or Erica!)

Useful networks include:

  • Volunteers, Mentors and Advisers: Can share their skills, knowledge and experience
  • Organizations: Can provide technical assistance, access to office supplies or materials, access to workshops or skills training
  • Libraries or Community Centres: Can provide access to meeting spaces
  • Funds: People, foundations or organizations can provide financial support or offer suggestions on how to apply for grants and scholarships (Check out these Funding and Grant opportunities)
  • Media: Connections to journalists who can help promote your efforts through social media, TV, print and/or radio (The Ocean Bridge Outreach Coordinator can help)

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