2. Identify & Get Informed



Think back to your reflection and your vision for the world. Identify what stands out in that vision as the most important to you and create a list of issues you are passionate about. Consider things related to: health & wellness; environment & urbanization; culture & identity; learning & education; technology & innovation; arts & media; peace, conflict & governance; work & economics; human rights & equity. While not always apparent at first, the oceans play a role in or are affected by many elements within each of these categories.

Get Informed:

Learn more about the issues that concern you by developing a list of questions you want to answer. 

TakingITGlobal's Guide to Action recommends the following questions: 

  • What makes this issue unique and important to address?
  • Who is most affected by this issue?
  • How does this issue differ locally, nationally, regionally, and globally?
  • What different approaches have been taken to understand and tackle the issue?
  • What groups are currently working on addressing the issue? (consider multiple sectors such as government, corporations, non-profit organizations, youth groups, United Nations agencies, etc.)

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