1. Reflect & Get Inspired



Before jumping into planning your project, pause to consider what it is about yourself, your school, your community, your country, or the world that you would like to change or improve. Envision the world you would like to live in and capture this vision to reflect on in the future by:

  • Writing a journal entry
  • Drawing or painting your vision
  • Jotting down a list of bullet points
  • Creating a vision board
  • Using any other means you choose.

Get Inspired:

Youth around the world working to improve ocean health and ocean literacy showcasing innovation, creativity, dedication and leadership. Identify a source of inspiration for you - this could be someone close to you like a friend or family member; they could be a member of your community; or they could be someone such as an environmental communicator, author, artist, world leader or activist.

Here are just a few inspirational ocean leaders to get you started:

Lizzie Carr - she kicked cancer's butt then quit her corporate job to pick up garbage.

The folks behind Shark Stanley - they wrote a children's book on shark conservation and successfully campaigned for the listings of manta rays, hammerheads, porbeagles, and oceanic whitetips on CITES Appendix II. 

This guide is modified from TakingItGlobal's Guide to Action.

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