Volunteer for a New Conservation Organization


For this challenge, you will volunteer with a new conservation organization!

Canadian conservation organizations thrive thanks to thousands of volunteers. As a volunteer, you give your time, skills, experience and passion to help a cause. In return, you can develop new skills, foster personal connections and make difference! We encourage you to serve a new museum, aquarium, marine mammal rescue center or other conservation organization. There are many organizations to choose from! Here are some examples:

  • The Ottawa Riverkeepers has been leading the protection of the Ottawa River since 2000. They have since joined the International Waterkeeper Alliance and are now one of 9 local WaterKeepers across Canada. The WaterKeeper Alliance as opportunities for volunteers to join species' counts or  to help with local coastal conservation projects. Is there a Local WaterKeeper near you? Find it here.
  • This summer in Pond Inlet, Nunavut, the town hosted a historic announcement concerning the boundary of Canada's newest National Marine Conservation Area. Called Tallurutiup Imanga in Inuktitut, Lancaster Sound has become Canada‚Äôs largest marine protected area, making up 2% of our oceans. Parks Canada and the Qikiqtani Inuit Association are leading the co-management of this site. Either of these organizations would benefit from youth perspective and involvement.
Tallurutiup Imanga


Here is what you need to do:

  1. Determine skills that you can provide and skills that you would like to develop. This could include event planning, program facilitation, volunteer coordination, and/or program management.
  2. Find a volunteer opportunity. You can do this by reaching out to a local organization that you hope to volunteer with or by searching for volunteers opportunities here. You can choose a one-off volunteer opportunity (ex. an event or consultation) or one that requires a consistent time commitment (ex. long term research and education programs).
  3. While you are volunteering, be sure to build connections with other volunteers and staff. This opportunity could lead to other volunteer opportunities or even to an employment opportunity in the future.
  4. Enjoy your volunteer time. Your contributions will be appreciated!
  5. Share your experience:
  • Keep your new volunteer connection logged on our discussion board. Start a new thread or add to a thread about organizations that our 2018 Ocean Bridge cohort have connected with. We hope this opportunity with create connections across Canada and build a network for next cohort participants. 
  • Contribute a blog about a memorable volunteer experience, connection or organization that you would like to highlight
  • Share you experiences on social media using our hashtags #OceanBridge #LeadersToday and tagging @OceanWise @leaderstoday and @SocDevSoc

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