Co-creation through Community Connection



For our Ocean Health service project we will be traveling to Haida Gwaii. The success of our service project will depend heavily on how well we engage with the local community in planning and delivering our activities. As the Ocean Bridge team, it is important that your service project is meaningful to you as well as to the local community.

So, before we begin planning our service project, we must first find out what Haida Gwaii would like to see from Ocean Bridge! For inspiration on community engagement, check out Navigating the Return of Sea Otters from Coastal Voices!


Using the Ocean Health Service forum in the discussion board complete the following tasks:

Task 1: Identify key questions the team would like to ask the Haida Gwaii community. To do this:

Task 2: Identify who in the community you should reach out to and assign individuals or teams to reach out to members of the Haida Gwaii community to start the conversation. Each Ocean Bridge member is to:

  • identify one group or organization in Haida Gwaii we should connect with and post it in the Connect with Community Members thread, including a brief explanation of why you identified them by March 21st.

  • summarize which Ocean Bridge team members will be contacting which organizations or community members in Haida Gwaii. To do this:
    • Go to the this google sheet
    • Fill out columns: (B) Community contact, (C) what you plan to discuss with them (use your peers questions from Task one to get inspired), (D) your name and (F) conference line needed?
    • If there are more than one of you hoping to connect with the same organization or person we may be able to set up a conference line for you so you can contact them together.
    • Not all Ocean Bridge members need to contact someone in Haida Gwaii, but we do except the Ocean Bridge team overall to contact several groups and organizations.
    • If we already have a connection with a group or person, we will let you know and provide an introduction.
    • We may comment to identify individuals we think you may have missed that could be helpful.
    • Try to complete this by March 25th !

Task 3: Contact community members in Haida Gwaii and report back to the national team by summarizing the conversations

  • from March 25th to April 4th reach out to the community members you have identified and have conversations about ideas and opportunities for your immersive service projects.
  • post a summary of your conversation, highlighting important insights and opportunities to collaborate and any follow up actions to the Summary of Conversations thread by April 4th.

Learning Objectives

The objective of this step of your project development is:

  • to identify service projects the Haida Gwaii community would like Ocean Bridge to carry out.
  • to build connections and relationships with the Haida Gwaii community before visiting.

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