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Ocean Heroes Bootcamp seeking mentors – great opportunity!

Posted by benjaminaube1 on January 15th, 2019

The 2019 Ocean Heroes Bootcamp will be taking place from June 28 – 30 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The three-day camp empowers existing and emerging youth leaders (aged 11-18) to create their own campaigns to take action against ocean plastic pollution. These could be the Ocean Bridgers of the future!

Here’s where you can come in: Ocean Heroes will be launching a Mentor Program. It’s not running quite yet, but it will be listed on its main page in the “Idea Incubation” section.

This short video details last year's Ocean Heroes Bootcamp program: 

Those interested can contact us at Ocean Bridge, or send an email to In the meantime, you can also follow @OceanHeroesHQ on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for future updates on the mentor program and how to sign up.

Consider jumping on this opportunity if you can, and keep this and other ideas like it in mind!

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