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Message from Ocean Bridge alum Chúk: Ottawa/Gatineau Hackathon!

Posted by benjaminaube1 on May 26th, 2020

Chúk Odenigbo is an Ocean Bridge alum and a co-city lead for Youthful Cities in Ottawa/Gatineau

Youthful Cities in partnership with RBC Future Launch and Impact Hub would like to hear from young people in order to better understand their concerns and suggestions for possible solutions at the municipal level. We are therefore organizing a hackathon, an ideation event focusing on conceptualisation, collaboration, and solution-making, with the aim of making cities healthier for young people during and after the COVID-19 crisis. We are starting with the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau!

If you are a young person (18 to 29 years old) who has lived or currently lives in the National Capital Region, you are invited to submit your application to participate in this hackathon! We would like to hear about your experiences and your ideas for making Ottawa-Gatineau resilient cities that are attentive to their young population. This is an opportunity to meet other youth who love these cities, to speak directly to key decision makers in the region, and to be (rightfully) compensated for your expertise.

Application form:

Have any questions? Email [email protected]

Chúk Odenigbo is an Ocean Bridge alum and co-city lead for Youth Cities in Ottawa/Gatineau

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