Renee Burke

Canada Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
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  • Last Login : May 23, 2020

About Me

What is your vision for a sustainable world?
My vision of a sustainable world is one in which all resources are used as fast as they can be replenished, everything is disposed of properly and safely and new technologies are used to minimize waste, and the impact humans have on nature and the earth.

What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?
To make this vision a reality I am planning to educate myself and others on the issues the world is currently facing, and to work hard to implement environmentally friendly practices in my day-to-day use and limit my consumption.

How does our personal history affect the way we view sustainability and the environment?
Our personal history affects the way we view sustainability and the environment because in the recent past and present, the way we live has become unsustainable, the state of the world has become unhealthy for all. We now recognize the problem we have created, and now the world must work together to combat this.

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