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My vision for a sustainable world is to not waste water, electricity, food, using reusable and renewable items,

To make this vision a reality I always turn off the tap when I see it running, never use more light, electricity or water than what I need. I use a refillable water bottle and a reusable lunch container. I'm mindful of what I throw away, I carpool sometimes, and when shopping, I bag it myself with a reusable bag.

Your personal history affects the way you view sustainability and the environment because If you have lived or even visited a place where water, electricity, etc are limited, you understand how tough it is to live without it. In Edmonton, I am very thankful to have all the resources and necessities I need or even want. An example of different histories and how it would change our perspective would be my family and their life. Most of my family is from Eritrea and two years ago, when I visited there, I realized they don’t have as much as we do. Like we have lots of water we can use but they have a limited amount and same thing with electricity. I remember the lights would just randomly shut down for the whole city and we would be considered lucky even if we have light for a whole day straight. With water, they don’t want to waste it since they don’t have as much as us so they would always use it generously, making sure they only use it when it's a need and not a want.

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