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About Me

1. What is your vision of a sustainable world?

My vision of a sustainable world is when the future generations care and are concerned enough about the environment to make a difference. I believe a sustainable world should have nature and us be seen and treated equally. In a sustainable world, I believe that single-use plastic items ( straws, cups, cutlery, etc ) will no longer be made or used and instead we will use things of a longer lifetime that are made to last.

2. What are you planning to do to make this vision a reality?

To make this a reality I personally need to make a better effort to stop using single-use plastic items. I've already eliminated using plastic toothbrush, straw's and cups for the most part but if I go to Starbucks although I may be using a reusable straw I'm still taking the cup. So I need to start bringing my own cups to places like that to cut down on my use of plastics. :)

When it comes to making it a reality for the world and others I believe we need to educate them and also try and challenge them to cut out simple things first like not using straws, plastic cutlery or taking reusable bags to the grocery store. You can't expect the world to change their ways instantly you need to take baby steps in order to reach the end goal. When you start with an overwhelming topic like trying to have a zero-waste lifestyle and changing overnight with no mistakes that will seem impossible. It is unrealistic right now to expect everyone to change and make an effort to cut out plastic but we already have a start. Our newer generations are showing more of interest in helping the planet and are more open to trying things like cutting out plastics! All we need to do is keep educating our youth and challenging people to make small differences over time to meet the end goal.

3. How does our personal history affect the way we view sustainability and the environment?

I believe our history has affected the way we view sustainability and our environment because before our older generation had more freedom to do as they please with the environment and weren't aware of the effects it would have in the future. Some are still ignorant to the effects it has caused and often make of excuse to avoid the fact that it is causing damage. This is a problem because they do not believe in climate change or the effects of plastics so they are less open to making these small changes like the carbon tax, uses of the green bins, or changing their ways to something more sustainable.

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    Animal Rights, Climate Change, Environment, Gender Equality

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